Hi, I’m Visa.

I’m the editor of the ReferralCandy Blog.

I’m currently working on a writing project called @1000wordvomits.

It’s where I write 1,000 sets of 1,000 words each. I’m almost 50% through.

I cofounded Statement.sg.

We sell t-shirts. We’ve gotten quite a lot of press coverage.

I write stuff.

I’ve been a Quora Top Writer for 3 consecutive years.

Other good work and assorted:

Do you have any writing advice?

“So what are you passionate about?”

Lah, Leh, Lor and so on.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast and Authenticity

Singaporean Guys Are Losers

MP Grace Fu shared a post I wrote about PM Lee

Stuff I’ve been quoted in:



“Blogger Visakan Veerasamy probably delivered the most sensible and thoughtful address.” – Breakfast Network