How to build and maintain communities

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A brief history of who ruined burning man: – there’s a point to be made here about how communities aren’t static; that they evolve over time and inevitably some people who were there at the start won’t like that.


Beware cycles of nastiness:

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It’s interesting to look at your comment, and look at the nasty comment that it provoked. This is the starting point of a cycle of nastiness.
You could’ve asked the person to elaborate or be specific, or even contradicted or questioned them- without saying “you lack <important skill>” and “try to <be useful> rather than <being unimportant>”.

Why so mean? Was the meanness intentional, or…? Genuinely curious.

See: PG’s hierarchy of disagreement

” What’s happening is a kind of evaporative-cooling effect- specifically, the very natural rise of cheap wit and sensationalism. These things trigger upvotes more easily. Pithy answers and responses get rewarded quicker by larger crowds, and this discourages the carefully-evaluated-and-reasoned answer.”


“There seems to be some natural law of Internet shopping that ensures that every “Specialized marketplace for X,” will, once it becomes popular, inevitably devolve into a flood of thousands of sellers all reselling identical cheap junk from AliExpress for $0.99 + free shipping–to the point where it’s impossible to find anything genuine or non-counterfeit.” – Source: HN discussion on Etsy


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