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Progress on #Blk73 at one-north, Ayer Rajah Crescent

Not sure why I’ve been doing this. But I’ve been taking a bunch of videos of the construction of #Blk73.

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PM Lee Hsien Loong, on the purpose of life

“The purpose of life is not assurance and security, the purpose of life is to useĀ that security in order to go and achieve something new and different, and do better than the people who came before you. “I mean, that’s … Continue reading

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The problem with “6 in 10 Singaporeans think media regulations are balanced”

EDIT: I overgeneralized and misrepresented the out-group earlier by saying “they said they don’t care”. Technically, they didn’t say they care. Minor but significant distinction. It makes the whole thing a little bit murkier. Here’s the article you’re most likely … Continue reading

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0133 – Which Singapore?

It’s a wonderfully cool morning for 1140am in Singapore, and I find myself thinking that Singapore would surely be more pleasant in general if we had better weather. Surely people would be less sweaty and cranky, and perhaps we’d be … Continue reading

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List of Singaporean Angus Ross Winners

I was bored and I saw the latest Angus Ross winner in the news so I thought I’d look to see how the older ones are doing. Couldn’t find a list anywhere, so I thought I’d put one together. I’m … Continue reading

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The Great Paper Chase

A writer by the name of Mary Lee wrote a beautiful, scathing criticism of Singapore’s education system… way back in 1974. Lee Kuan Yew wanted her sacked for it. It remains incredibly relevant to this day. Read about it here.

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0064 – making music/art sustainably in singapore

Alright I got a lot on my mind. (Overslept and am late for work argh). Two thoughts- how to make art sustainably and how to handle interpersonal friction in publicĀ  or private discourse. The latter is kinda more pressing but … Continue reading

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