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The Great Paper Chase

A writer by the name of Mary Lee wrote a beautiful, scathing criticism of Singapore’s education system… way back in 1974. Lee Kuan Yew wanted her sacked for it. It remains incredibly relevant to this day. Read about it here.

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0064 – making music/art sustainably in singapore

Alright I got a lot on my mind. (Overslept and am late for work argh). Two thoughts- how to make art sustainably and how to handle interpersonal friction in public¬† or private discourse. The latter is kinda more pressing but … Continue reading

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The True Genius of skl0′s Master Plan

Disclaimer: I do not personally know skl0, and I cannot claim to know anything about her true motives. This is my personal interpretation of what I perceive her motivation to be. Some of us sympathize with skl0. (Personally, I do! … Continue reading

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MG Chan Chun Sing further sabotages the legitimacy of PAP superdominance

Channel News Asia: Pay not a primary factor for PAP team: Chan Chun Sing “I don’t think anyone of them comes here for the money. They come here to provide a better life for the next generation… One of the … Continue reading

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Ministerial Pay 2012: Why Singapore Should Be A Pirate Ship.

Text in quotes is taken from CrashDev.com, the blog of a genius entrepreneur who really knows his stuff. An organization is healthy as long as its survival is sufficiently in doubt that each employee feels a primary responsibility to ensuring … Continue reading

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Gayle Goh, on Immigration and Xenophobia (2009)

(Emphasis mine! -Visa) Singaporeans have often been accused of not having a heart for home. The identity angst of our young nation-state has manifested itself variously in aspects such as high emigration statistics and cultural dialogue. ‚ÄúSingapore you are not … Continue reading

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Do We Owe Our Existence To The People’s Action Party? By Gayle Goh [2006]

(Emphasis mine. – Visa) “We have been hardwired since young to be grateful in everything to the People’s Action Party. We have been conditioned to accept the abrogation of our democratic freedoms as a necessary inconvenience for the sake of … Continue reading

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