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    • 7 May – James Gomez is detained in Singapore for further questioning, after trying to leave for Sweden to return to work. He was released a week later and given a formal warning.
  • 2008:
    • 27 February – Singapore’s most wanted terror fugitive, Mas Selamat bin Kastari, escaped from detention under the country’s Internal Security Act.[2]
    • 28 November – Lo Hwei Yen (A Singaporean held hostage killed during the November 2008 Mumbai attacks)
    • H1N1 (Total 1217 case).
    • Early April – Mass food poisoning incident involving an Indian rojak stall at the Geylang Serai temporary market caused more than 150 people to be affected, 1 miscarriage and claimed 2 lives.
  • 2010:
    • 1 January – MediaCorp discontinued TVMobile due to the planning of withdrawing the older generation of SBS Transit buses, to replace them with new ones for the new decade.
    • 25 June – Heavy and intense downpour causes flash floods around Singapore and road chaos.
    • 17 July – Early morning heavy rain causes flash floods in hotspots of Singapore, partly due to Typhoon Conson (2010).
    • 8 September – Flash floods occur in Shenton Way and Little India in the late morning.
    • 2 November – British author and former journalist, Alan Shadrake, was found guilty of contempt of court to Singapore judicial system for his book Once a Jolly Hangman: Singapore Justice in the Dock.
    • 31 December – Singapore’s economy grew by 14.7% for the whole year, the best growth on record ever for the country.
  • 2013:
    • 21 June – The newly minted record was broken again at 12pm, with the PSI remaining in the “Hazardous” range with a reading of 401.[4] (haze)
    • Early November – Hackings started occurring, and the YouTube video of Anonymus Hacker Group’s The Messiah threatening the Singapore government.


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