Some thoughts:

1. Singapore has to remain competitive to survive

2. One of the ways we competed in the past was by having a more compliant, safe, obedient, reliable workforce

3. That isn’t enough anymore because good, cheap labor is flooding the international marketplace

4. To compete in the future we have to be smarter in a way that cannot be easily bought

5. The world is still stupid in many depressing, heartbreaking ways (thinking now about the complicated mess of guns, racism, police brutality, vigilantism, etc in the US, and how people are still trapped arguing over semantics)

6. If we could have a large enough concentration of people who can think clearly about multi-variable problems, we should be okay

7. We need to get better at thinking clearly – the faster and better we do this, the better we’ll survive

8. We could do more to celebrate, incentivize, provoke, midwife clear thinking

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