SAP schools

Should SAP schools be allowed to exist? What about madrasahs?

Why is it that SAP schools are under the purview or MOE, and given specialist teachers, while madrasahs are private institutions under MUIS, with most teachers untrained by NIE? SAP schools are given extra funding, madrasahs raise their own funds, are allowed to use them however they want.

Since the Compulsory Education Act was introduced, madrasahs have to meet a minimum PSLE benchmark- this benchmark is pegged at the average PSLE aggregate score of Malay pupils at the six lowest-performing national schools.

If the aim is solely to promote the language/culture, then why take in only the “top students”? In the long run, does this lead to inequalities in incomes amogst the different races? When these students are going to be your “future leaders”, is it right for them to have such limited exposure to other cultures, languages, people?

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