Lee Kuan Yew quotes from Hard Truths

(Visa: I’ve been reading LKY’s ‘Hard Truths.’ Here are some quotes that have caught my attention and i

So what’s PM Lee Hsien Loong like in person?

  2014 UPDATE: This post is getting lots of shares again, for some reason or another. It’s a little embarrassing– I w

What would Lee Kuan Yew be like if he were born in 1990?

I often feel like we don’t explore Lee Kuan Yew’s personality enough. His swag. He used to smoke, drink and hang o

Reclaiming the Singaporean Narrative

We live in exciting times. The most exciting times in human history so far. The industrial revolution was a big deal, but what

PAP Superdominance

(2012) – 1 – In a strange way, I sometimes feel that the PAP, our former liberators, have turned into our oppressors- much

The best thing we can do for skl0: Immortalize her work.

We’ve all heard the news. Local artist sklO has been arrested. Here’s what I want to focus on: A Singaporean set o

No one owes us a living, not even our leaders

Have you ever read Animal Farm? It’s a book by George Orwell, reflecting events leading up to and during the Stalin era

How do we get Singaporeans to look out for each other?

For quite a long time, I’ve been meaning to blog about how I’ve noticed that Singaporeans are starting to stick to

Who is responsible for the integration of foreigners?

Just who is responsible for making integration happen? Let’s call the international student X and Singaporean society Y

Singaporean students lack drive because our culture sucks it out of them

The Education Minister is concerned about the number of employers who have said that Singaporean students lack drive and the c