SG75: In pursuit of electoral reform and agile governance

My biggest takeaway from watching all the rallies and reading up about all the political parties… is that our representa

Analyzing the arguments of a teenage Singaporean elitist

‘Elitism’ can be good for society It’s always genuinely exciting to me whenever a teenager thinks that he ha

#GE2015 – Lui Tuck Yew stepping down is a wise political move

CNA: Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew will not contest the General Election It’s interesting to pay attention to Lui Tuck

To Singapore, With Love: Does the MDA appreciate the Streisand Effect?

Here’s a thinking tool I’m trying out: Assume good faith. I’m going to assume that the MDA has good, smart p

notes from “The History Of Singapore” 2006 documentary 1: Raffles Little Child 200 years ago, jungle (1800?) 200 years later- economic gi

The Great Paper Chase [1974]

I’ve been reading OB Markers by Cheong Yip Seng. It’s a very compelling book with lots of anecdotes that hit me pretty har

Ministerial Salaries

In the past couple of years, I’ve met a few MPs (and the PM, too, through some odd luck) and I am quite convinced of the

Map of Singapore Expressways

I have lately felt a pressing need to understand Singapore’s road map. As in, literally, the map of our roads. Our expre

Lee Kuan Yew quotes from Hard Truths

(Visa: I’ve been reading LKY’s ‘Hard Truths.’ Here are some quotes that have caught my attention and i

So what’s PM Lee Hsien Loong like in person?

  2014 UPDATE: This post is getting lots of shares again, for some reason or another. It’s a little embarrassing– I w