To Singapore, With Love: Does the MDA appreciate the Streisand Effect?

Here’s a thinking tool I’m trying out: Assume good faith. I’m going to assume that the MDA has good, smart p

notes from “The History Of Singapore” 2006 documentary 1: Raffles Little Child 200 years ago, jungle (1800?) 200 years later- economic gi

The Great Paper Chase [1974]

I’ve been reading OB Markers by Cheong Yip Seng. It’s a very compelling book with lots of anecdotes that hit me pretty har

Ministerial Salaries

In the past couple of years, I’ve met a few MPs (and the PM, too, through some odd luck) and I am quite convinced of the

Map of Singapore Expressways

I have lately felt a pressing need to understand Singapore’s road map. As in, literally, the map of our roads. Our expre

Lee Kuan Yew quotes from Hard Truths

(Visa: I’ve been reading LKY’s ‘Hard Truths.’ Here are some quotes that have caught my attention and i

So what’s PM Lee Hsien Loong like in person?

  2014 UPDATE: This post is getting lots of shares again, for some reason or another. It’s a little embarrassing– I w

What would Lee Kuan Yew be like if he were born in 1990?

I often feel like we don’t explore Lee Kuan Yew’s personality enough. His swag. He used to smoke, drink and hang o

Reclaiming the Singaporean Narrative

We live in exciting times. The most exciting times in human history so far. The industrial revolution was a big deal, but what

PAP Superdominance

(2012) – 1 – In a strange way, I sometimes feel that the PAP, our former liberators, have turned into our oppressors- much