Last updated 16Jan2017.

I had a brain-wave earlier and clarified what I want to do with this blog. I want to do what Alain de Botton talks about in his book “The News: A User’s Manual”. I want to help people connect the dots and see the big picture when looking at Singapore news. I tried to get at this with /tropes/ – this is another way of doing it.

Off the top of my head, the things I want to talk about are…

  • Defence and geopolitics
    • National service – what is the role that NS plays in Singapore? How should it change and evolve over time?
  • Mating in captivity – what are the implications of living in such constrained spaces, living with family and so on?
  • Simi Sai Also [Censored] – about censorship
  • Education / pressure-cooker environment
    • Sex education
    • Suicides and childhood depression and suffering
  • Law – Disneyland with the Death Penalty, Draconian,
    • Everything Also Ban – shisha ban, alcohol ban, chewing gum ban…
    • Detention without trial
    • Right to lawyer
    • Death penalty
  • Culture – Singapore got no soul, potemkin, nanny-state, men carry purses
    • Why is our dating culture so dismal, how can it be better?
      • Why so many Singaporean men so pathetic and desperate?
    • Singlish – why got problem ah?
    • Singapore got no soul? Potemkin Metropolis? Singaporean youth lack idealism?
  • Regardless of Race, Language Or Religion
  • Xenophobia

Each of these will become categories, and I’ll try to tie a common thread too all of them. Some of these things are connected and overlap a lot, so it might be messy for a while, but I really want to get started on this.


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