Collection of notes


HN discussion on PM Lee coding

HN ‘Singapore is not right for sivers”

HN singapore smart city

SG sociopolitical blogs

SAF poison shrimp

AMDK 1 2

SG futures

how Singaporeans got rich

Bilahari’s dealing with an ambiguous world


creepy Singaporean guys


amos yee / pottymouthed teenagers, 1 2

donald low vs calvin cheng

Inspiring speech by Major YC Choy

FB status: “Singapore IS the company”

FB: How to write about govt

Joe Augustin on senior management

Censorship, Les Miserables kiss

What is up with Singapore and Israel?

martyn see Singapore history, similar mothership post


Govt employees of /r/singapore, what are some truths you wish Singaporeans would realize?

definition of SG middleclass

Would you choose to be reborn as the opposite gender in SG?

Women of /r/singapore, have you ever experienced sexual harrassment?

Private A’s

Frustrating that minorities have to always be representative of their race

poor treatment of domestic workers in singapore

SG tropes

singaporeans’ plans for their futures

dom sarron

you don’t need much space to have sex, population vs economy

SG history / big man fallacy

tamil class

why singaporeans don’t care about privacy

ELI5 Singapore success

‘realistically can SG defend itself?” , 2, 3

cigarettes / smoking ban / taxes in sg

singaporeans need more personality, quality people

WTF ch 8

sg indian men dating

singaporeans like to be oppressed

entrepreneurship in sg

apunehneh catch you

SG dating scene why so terrible

minority problems / pooja

networking, meritocracy

Singaporean iconoclasts

anti-SJW bro


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