LKY Quotes

“Well you know I get a lot of demonstrations in Singapore, my students are quite a rambunctious and spirited lot – and I think they OUGHT to be, otherwise I think there’s very little future for Singapore. It’s a young community and the young MUST be idealistic, the young MUST believe that the world should be more just, and there should be more moral rectitude in the behavior of their leaders.

And they protest, often in more than just a peaceful manner, because the communist slip into my demonstrations, and you know – and windows get broken so often, and cars get overturned.

At the end of the day I think decisions have got to be made by adults, not teenagers. But it’s got got to be made in such a way that when the teenagers become adults, and they look back on these decisions, they would be proud of the generation that went before them.” – LKY to American reporters in 1967 [source – jump to 15mins]

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