• Singlish
  • Amos Yee
  • Apathy – This is meant to be a post about how and why Singaporeans tend to be politically apathetic. Particularly, I want to examine why people consistently make the mistake of assuming that superficial shows of support (Facebook Likes, rally attendance, etc) will translate into some sort of real impact and change, when it frequently doesn’t.
  • Amnesia
  • Music
  • Art
  • Sex
  • Drugs
  • Food
  • People – an index post for talking about specific individuals who I find interesting or noteworthy in some way
  • Tropes – an index post for common Singaporean tropes and themes
  • Caterpillars – a post about Singapore’s unfortunate habit of
  • Passion – I want to explore Singaporean’s assumptions about what passion is. I think I was thinking about Singapore Dreaming when I thought of this, but also lots of other different things.
  • Sexism – For all its seeming modernity, Singapore can still be a startlingly sexist place
  • Racism – ditto
  • Media – our media needs to do a lot better if we are to continue to thrive as a nation
  • Fails – an index post about specific fuckups that I think ought to be kept in our collective memory
  • Crime
    • Police – Singapore is sometimes described as a police state. Unfortunately, our police isn’t perfect. It’s important to acknowledge this.
  • Ministerial Pay
  • Law
  • NS – an index post for one of Singapore’s hot-button issues
  • Oxley – what I think
  • Death Penalty
  • Education
  • Existential Threats

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