Examples of Racism in Singapore

This page is an attempt to collect all of the news articles and significant blogposts relating to racism in Singapore.

Not all of these posts are describing racist incidents – some are noteworthy discussions about racism.










One thought on “Examples of Racism in Singapore

  1. Ishti Anwar

    It happened when I was working as an Engineer in a local firm after graduating from NUS. Our client was Changi Prison authority. There was an officer named Jonny Tan, our point of contact, was talking politely to other local engineers quite nicely, but not with me. It was hard for him to be polite with me. One day, due to some misunderstanding, he shouted to my whole group (consist of foreign workers and supervisors) as “you stupid Bangla or India men, no one should leave today without my permission.” Although he understood later, he did not bother to apologize. I am brown skin fellow, stayed in Singapore for ten years and pursuing my Ph.D. in the USA now. That day (in 2013) I could not say anything because I did not want to put my company in a false position by pulling this racism issue.

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