How will Singapore cope with a terrorist attack? How can we mitigate the suspicion? How can Singapore remain competitive and relevant 50 years from now? What is the future of Parliament, and what sort of electoral reform should we be looking at? What are the backstories of successful businesses in Singapore, and why do we hear so little about them? How can we encourage Singaporeans to have more children without inducing cringe? How can I train and encourage Singaporeans to think openly and constructively, about everything? (Do I do this myself? If not, how do I do that first?) What is the actual roadmap for persuading a hyperconservative to open up? What are the primary issues that Singaporeans should be concerned with, and how can I help people with that? Do people actually read Lee Kuan Yew’s memoirs? Why is the dating scene so dismal in Singapore, and how do we fix it?

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