We crush our caterpillars, then complain there are no butterflies

We crush our caterpillars, then complain there are no butterflies.

Jun 2012 – DPM Teo

Nov 2012 – “We need to create real spaces” – My response

March 2014 – Singapore Budget 2014: Young lack passion in pursuing work excellence, says NMP – “More often than not, they place emphasis and give priority to work-life balance, a high salary or other benefits, and are quick to leave if they sense better conditions elsewhere.”

My response – This behavior is learned. Think about where they learned it from.

Dec 2014 – The final Big Idea: Love Singapore – My response

2015 – Curbing ‘slash and burn’ teen bloggers – My response

October 2015 – Singapore needs our own Enid Blytons and Roald Dahls: Grace Fu – Well, where are we going to get them?

Naysayers [feb 2017] I think our elites are being naive or intellectually dishonest when they bemoan that Singaporeans are uncreative, afraid of failure, of losing face, of dissenting or speaking up. They should be talking about the conditions that created the culture. (FB status)

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