Deepavali Beef Promotion

A friend asked me for my thoughts on this – was it insensitive, or is it stirred out of proportion?
insensitive is an interesting word
i think i’d describe it as tone deaf, or a faux pas
an apology is fine
“stirred out of proportion” is also an interesting question
what is the appropriate proportion to be upset or annoyed by things like this?
I personally have developed a thick-ish skin and I advise others to do the same for their personal well-being/sanity
but these things happen over and over and over again
and every time is not the right time
every incident is too small to be stirred out of proportion
and eventually if and when someone gets mad, the whole situation gets reframed to “aiyo, why minority so noisy, why complain so much, they have it so good here, worse everywhere else, this is why people are suspicious of minorities”
“so ideally CS should never have done the promotion right”
ideally, yeah
although it would also be tragic if everyone got so paranoid about offending people that they never dared take any initiative to do anything