word vomit notes

Practice Stoicism (0010)
Keep your identity small (0094)

Avoid heartbreak warfare (0006), petty arguments (0076)

Be random from time to time (0017). Experiment violently & dramatically w/ ideas– octave up, down (0026). Schedule idea collisions. Explore + clash + combine + remix. (0088).

Carve out time for exercise, dates with wife, meeting people you love. (0080) Conversations are awesome, have many more good ones (0002). Listen + ask questions (0083). Meet people older/younger/different (0026). I enjoy serving others, creating good experiences for others. (0013). Have 1-1s with other humans. (0072).

Walk + water + books + sleep (0076). Music + reading + writing + thinking + reflecting (0050).

No zero days (0018). Use daily reviews, be prompted. Prompt yourself. (0087) Daily reflection is good (0004). Monthly reflection is good. (0011).

Figure out your utility functions (0051). Journaling helps me see what is temporary and what is not (0060).

Find/build your tribe and rise up (0028). Help people who fuck up, and earn their gratitude (0014).

Get the pebble out of your shoe (0041). Kill the saboteur (0040).

Leave buoys in the sea for future self (0006)

The truly fit + successful have no time to hate (0053)
Hate is a manifestation of imprecise thinking (0053)

Internet arguments make me ‘feel’ busy + accomplished (0057)

Morning Twitter is like morning cigarettes (new thought). Never go online without clear purpose (0012). No aimless internet (0018).

Declutter (0017). Delete + avoid irrelevant information (0030).

JC study journal– I kept thinking that each new day would be different somehow. (0066)

“Should I compare myself with others?” Learn from others, but be the best you. (0052) Jealousy = insecurity + reminder that you are waiting. (0077) Ego = anxiety. (0058). You’re not punished for your ego, you’re punished BY it. (0058).

Life should be like an amazing book or video game– immersive and compelling. Make it so. (0001).
Church rituals are addictive (0096).
Make it simple, small, temporary, finate. Repeat. (0092)
Pacman, Megaman X, cookie clicker– Gamify! (0092)

Focus not on what you think your audience wants, but what YOU want (0043)
Write what actually bothers you– not generic how-to guides (0081)
Express the repressed (0016)
Explore your curiosity, follow your bliss (0091)
Do what excites you (0066)

My ego kept me from acknowledging truth about productivity– that I write better without editing (0058)
Recover quickly from falls (0012)
Let go of old assumptions and sunk costs (0082)

Repetition works (0063)
Don’t break the chain (0072)
Be deliberate!! – the challenge is to remember this (0003)
Learn to say no (0012)
Anxiety comes from unfulfilled commitments (0007)
Envision the event that is not occurring because of your inaction (0042)
Confront hear head on– louis CK/Alan Watts (0032)

I am fallible with many limitations (0072)
I am a creature of habit who loves status quo (0024)
You are far less in control than you think (0066)
Overestimated number of vomits I could do (0081)
I underestimate the value of deliberate practice (0056)
Nothing prepared me for what a mortgage feels like over your head (0093)
I struggle to spend “just 5 minutes” on anything (0073)
Fight deadline insensitivity w/ controlled environment / micro-deadlines (0094)
Manage your time so you can help others (0039)
Create believable, positive narrative for yourself (0024)
Discipline achieved en route– immensity of the sea (0003)

Addicted to rationalizing failure (0056)
Wayang is easy & comforting– life is hard (0098)
Stop patting self on back for acknowledging problems– take and measure ACTION (0084)

The most beautiful interactions are with people who owe you nothing (0037)
life is hard, be kind (0023)
life = lessons in love + kindness– understood through thoughtfulness (0036)
social reality is perception with an army+navy (0053)
principles are less fragile than people (0036)
the best ideas displace bullshit (0009)
we are bags of chemicals chasing chemical hits (0046)
the only journey is within (0011)
inspiration is perishable (0050)

Life falls into place better when I write (0061)
I’m proud of my writing habit (0057)
I enjoy writing and will devote my life to it (0038)
‘I should meditate. And write.’ (0055)
Blogposts always better than FB posts (0070)
Writing clears my head [exercise] / Facebook muddies it [masturbation] – (0062)
My mind is clearer away from FB (0069)
Quitting FB helped me quit smoking (0100)
Smoking sucks (0015)
Write x1000, discard x999 (0007)
Don’t take forever- OODA – more Act (0074)

Procrastinators hedge against the system– slaves to their own shackles (0090)
Procrastination begins with lack of clarity (0090)
No dignity or pleasure in running out the clock (0093)
Good bookkeeping = less mess to clean (0020)
Pen+paper works best for me (0075)
I should write without internet access (0089)
Main cause of unfinished vomit = external interruption (0074)
TLDR everything (0033)
Summaries = public service (0098)
Don’t make stuff up- see what is already there (0005)
Good thinkers pack a lot of meaning into dense terms (0097)

Sleep before 11 (0056)
Sleep (0008)
Sleep early (0034)
I make good decisions when I wake early (0031)
‘The best thing in my life right now is my daily exercise routine’ (0048)
‘I’m trying to build a fitness habit’ (0050)
Breathe deeply (0021)
Meditate & revisit your purpose (0043)

“I’m going to engineer the hell out of my home- everything must be amazing.” (0006)
Use structures to facilitate mindfulness (0022)
Learn from responsible people you admire (0059)
Peer pressure is real (0080)

Shakespeare, Einstein, Steve Jobs, all were scratching their own itches (new?)

FB + cigs = local optimum. Next optimum =? (0073)
HTML -> CSS. What can I automate? (0055)
What is the struggle you need to undertake (0050)

‘I didn’t do well because I didn’t study'(0049)
The brain constructs narratives that feel good, not necessarily accurate (0049)
What’s the smallest immediate thing you can do to improve your life? (0045)

Focus on the moment (0044)
‘Need to learn to monotask’ (0058)
Need to include phase cycling at work (0057)
I feel better having done stuff, however small (0044)
Small plans + small wins (0044)
I made big plans that are doomed to fail- then feel bad (0044)

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