why do hard things

I’m somewhat intellectually convinced that it’s worth doing hard things in life, but I don’t always live as though I believe that to be true. So I’d like to think about it harder and push myself to embody it. I suppose the way to do it is to actually do hard things and then reflect on that. What are the hard things that I’ve done so far? What’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done? Probably get married and stay married. Get a job and keep a job. Pull myself out of depression. Can I aim higher, so that I can be proud of myself? Find out what I’m capable of?
[] why do hard things?
Because it’s materially rewarding
Because it’s psychologically rewarding
Because it builds subconscious fortitude
Because it makes life easier
Because it earns self-respect, which is probably the ultimate yardstick of everything.
Because it’s challenging, and not hollow.
Because it’s there.

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