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Gaming Mouse

I use a gaming mouse (Logitech G602). First of all, it’s a good mouse. It’s wireless.

Second, it has a bunch of buttons on the side that you can program.


Use Ctrl+Cmd+Shift+4 to take screenshots that save only to your clipboard – meaning you can paste them in a chat or anywhere else, but they won’t be saved onto your device.

Use Keyboard Tools to make shortcuts. I use #shrug for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ , #v for visakanv, #vv for Visakan Veerasamy, #email for my email, and so on.

Use a tool like Flycut so you get to retrieve anything in your clipboard you might have copied and then copied over.


I recommend getting a finger ring for your phone and Kindle. It allows you to hold your phone in a very comfortable, safe way. It makes it easy to show something to others, or to carry groceries. You can hang it on something else, and watch videos while doing the dishes or even while you’re in the shower.

Use a good wireless mouse and a mousepad.

S hooks are great. You can use them to hang your bag, or hang an extension cable, all sorts of things.

Life IS better when you drill things onto shelves and put them up, instead of letting them pile up on the floor or on your desks. Make use of the vertical space that is given to you.

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