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why we’re afraid of foreigners and what we ought to do about it

I’m sure everyone can think of at least a couple of foreign friends who are a welcome addition to our communities. I remember having lunch at Burger King somewhere in Orchard Road, and I observed 3 foreigners- a black guy … Continue reading

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Gayle Goh, on Immigration and Xenophobia (2009)

(Emphasis mine! -Visa) Singaporeans have often been accused of not having a heart for home. The identity angst of our young nation-state has manifested itself variously in aspects such as high emigration statistics and cultural dialogue. “Singapore you are not … Continue reading

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banglas, ah tiongs and a whole lotta love

People in blue collar jobs are some of the most beautiful people you’ll ever meet; my experiences have always been wonderful. everyone looks out for each other- indian, bangla, ah tiong, whatever. There’s always this sense of brotherhood and camaraderie- … Continue reading

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Escaping from Ah Tiong Bahru, aka Singapore

A man I deeply admire- Mr. Alfian Sa’at- made a status update on Facebook yesterday that I simply couldn’t ignore: “The lack of PRC’s in KL is literally a breath of fresh air. These days I find this to be … Continue reading

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Does Racial Harmony Justify Xenophobia in Singapore?

Is xenophobia justified if it promotes racial harmony? “I am not a racist but I am most certainly a nationalist. In the event of a dispute between a foreigner and a Singaporean, whether he is Chinese, Malay, Indian or Eurasian, … Continue reading

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