The Utility of Art

It’s often difficult to have a conversation about art because we’re almost always talking past each other. I once

Talking Past Each Other

When I was younger, I was very passionate about the idea that conversations are basically the answer to everything. That’


locust-style social effect I’m on a train. It’s 218pm, I’m on the east-west line on the way to Buona Vista. There’s a

Singapore Skyline

I want to write a quick blogpost about the Singapore skyline. I’m not an architect, or architecture student, or even any


Distraction Quote from The Pale King Louis CK hates phones Hero When I was a teenager I was very fascinated by the concept of

Supernormal Stimuli

I was on the train a while ago without my phone (left it at home) and I was just curiously watching what other people were up

2017 Review

Highlights: Hosted Venkat when he came to Singapore did GA workshop (April 13th) Meeting Shitij’s friends Written: Relig


Here are some writers that I’ve found interesting: Adam Gopnik AellaGirl Alain de Botton Amanda Chong Bill Wurtz – hi

Deeper Consciousness

I’ve had this recurring conversation with a friend about how there’s a deeper consciousness in each of us, that w


work in progress Basics Cause and effect Human beings live in the same universe as electrons and galaxies, and are all governe

Alex Ferguson

I was never a Man Utd fan. But I was interested in reading about Alex Ferguson, because it seemed so clear to me that Man Utd


Guiding ‘Principles’ Beware the Guilt-and-Shame Ego Trap. Alternate names: Self-flagellation trap, beating yoursel

made to stick

Introduction The main problem is the “Curse of Knowledge”: The person sharing the idea has all sorts of insider in

The Body Is The Mind

From reddit thread about walking around during phone calls; This is a specific case of the general phenomenon. Lots of people