The Utility of Art

It’s often difficult to have a conversation about art because we’re almost always talking past each other. I once

Talking Past Each Other

When I was younger, I was very passionate about the idea that conversations are basically the answer to everything. That’

Likeable characters

What makes characters likeable? (WIP)  e.g. rocky balboa liked his turtles and made stupid jokes with the awkward girl at the


locust-style social effect I’m on a train. It’s 218pm, I’m on the east-west line on the way to Buona Vista. There’s a

Singapore Skyline

I want to write a quick blogpost about the Singapore skyline. I’m not an architect, or architecture student, or even any


Distraction Quote from The Pale King Louis CK hates phones Hero When I was a teenager I was very fascinated by the concept of

Supernormal Stimuli

I was on the train a while ago without my phone (left it at home) and I was just curiously watching what other people were up

2017 Review

Highlights: Hosted Venkat when he came to Singapore did GA workshop (April 13th) Written: Religion Modern Capitalism Formal Ti


Here are some writers that I’ve found interesting: Adam Gopnik AellaGirl Alain de Botton Bill Wurtz Brian Balfour Chels

Deeper Consciousness

I’ve had this recurring conversation with a friend about how there’s a deeper consciousness in each of us, that w


work in progress Basics Cause and effect Human beings live in the same universe as electrons and galaxies, and are all governe

Alex Ferguson

I was never a Man Utd fan. But I was interested in reading about Alex Ferguson, because it seemed so clear to me that Man Utd


Guiding ‘Principles’ Beware the Guilt-and-Shame Ego Trap. Alternate names: Self-flagellation trap, beating yoursel

made to stick

Introduction The main problem is the “Curse of Knowledge”: The person sharing the idea has all sorts of insider in

The Body Is The Mind

From reddit thread about walking around during phone calls; This is a specific case of the general phenomenon. Lots of people