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Swarm Intelligence and God: How we are already are a part of something greater than ourselves.

Have you ever observed an ant colony, and noticed that there appears to be a greater intelligence guiding the ants’ collective behaviour? Each individual ant is relatively clueless about what it’s doing, but it serves a role in something greater … Continue reading

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“Losers have goals, winners have systems”, by Scott Adams

“The other day I put on my workout clothes and drove to the gym. But when I arrived I didn’t feel like working out. This was not a huge surprise, since I didn’t feel peppy before I even laced up … Continue reading

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further thoughts about Singapore’s education system

Stratification and divisions are everywhere. The first thing that comes to mind about my experience with public education in Singapore is the stratification- it wasn’t obvious to me then, but it kind of sticks out now. We have labels and … Continue reading

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explaining my love for self-correcting mechanisms, philosophy and systems

Stereotypical geniuses have highly developed self-correcting mechanisms. They learn from their mistakes and avoid repeating them. This allows them to build on their existing knowledge and develop what we recognize as expertise. Stereotypical idiots have poorly developed self-correcting mechanisms. They … Continue reading

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thoughts on illness, immune systems and weekend warriors

I think I fall sick more often than my peers. I’m not completely sure of this, I don’t have enough data to be conclusive. Either way, I fall sick more often than I’d like.$Being slightly under the weather is occasionally … Continue reading

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Cowboys and Pit Crews- Why the medical industry needs more systemic thinking and execution

  Atul Gawande delivered this year’s commencement address at Harvard Medical School. All emphasis is mine. In his book “The Youngest Science,” the great physician-writer Lewis Thomas described his internship at Boston City Hospital in pre-penicillin 1937. Hospital work, he … Continue reading

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Personal Systems 2.1- down the rabbit hole we go…

Continuing from where we left off, here and here! Brainstorming (prototype 1.0): Putting things together (2.0) Refining them (2.1)- click to expand! I spent a little more time playing around with this, putting in all the things that I’m interested … Continue reading

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