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0128 – 2013 in summary

More old posts. This was at the end of 2013, 6th dec. The past year for me has been characterized by me ripping my identity to shreds. I got married. Marriage is a whole different beast from dating. You realize … Continue reading

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7 Lessons Smokers Can Teach Us About Getting Shit Done

Smokers do something that’s quite remarkable that nobody really talks about: they smoke a lot of cigarettes. A heavy smoker can finish a pack a day. That’s 7,300 cigarettes a year. At 4 minutes a cigarette, that’s about 486 hours … Continue reading

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I smoked a cigarette today.

I smoked a cigarette today. Here’s what I’m not going to do: I’m not going to deceive anybody, especially myself. “Nobody needs to know,” I would’ve reasoned before. I could just quietly pretend that today was just like any of … Continue reading

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Smoke-Free, Day Two

Yes, I’m still going strong! Today my nervous system doesn’t feel as wonky, but I have got new problems- my respiratory and digestive systems. My nose and throat are behaving as if I’ve been hit by a round of the … Continue reading

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Smoke-Free, Day One

I’ve decided to try to quit smoking. Again. I have been smoking for about 4 years now. I normally smoke about 2 packs a week. When I’m hanging out with friends, drinking or extremely stressed or bored, I can smoke … Continue reading

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Diminishing the nicotine dependence.

I have to confess that I haven’t completely quit smoking. I do still often go several days without smoking, and I no longer think about cigarettes all the time. But I have the occasional smoke from time to time, especially … Continue reading

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Researchers more likely to jump to conclusions: Observation

Smokers more likely to feel suicidal: Study “A clear and alarming link between smoking and suicide”, they found. “Campaigns for reducing smoking should also point to the elevated risk of suicidality,” they say. Of course there is a link between … Continue reading

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