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PAP Superdominance

In a strange way, I sometimes feel that the PAP, our former liberators, have turned into our oppressors- much like the pigs in Animal Farm, or pretty much every other regime that overstays its welcome. “You either die a hero … Continue reading

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Ministerial Pay 2012: DisGraceFu! Political Incompetence in the PAP.

The problem about things that move slowly, that have a low turn-over rate, is that they often get stagnant, weighty, inefficient, bloated and cumbersome. This applies to all systems, from your physical body, to the food in the canteens at … Continue reading

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Do We Owe Our Existence To The People’s Action Party? By Gayle Goh [2006]

(Emphasis mine. – Visa) “We have been hardwired since young to be grateful in everything to the People’s Action Party. We have been conditioned to accept the abrogation of our democratic freedoms as a necessary inconvenience for the sake of … Continue reading

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MG Chan Chun Sing indirectly criticises PAP super-dominance

‘Don’t throw stones… offer better ideas': MG Chan Diversity vital for survival ‘Diversity is a survival strategy. How do we know what is the industry or sector that will carry us forward into the future? When you cannot calibrate so … Continue reading

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The Wisdom Of George Yeo

  Over the past few weeks, many Singaporeans have urged me to run for the Presidency. This is a major step which I could not rush into. I thought over it long and hard, consulting not only colleagues, friends and family members, but … Continue reading

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Elections 2011: Xiaxue, why you so liddat? A serious response to “Vote Wisely”.

Before I begin- I want this to be very clear- I respect Wendy a lot. She’s accomplished. I see her as a remarkably intelligent person who knows how to get what she wants, and she is admirably straightforward and consistent … Continue reading

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The danger of relying on super-dominant forces such as the PAP

Super-dominant forces are inherently dangerous. Why did the sub-prime mortgage crisis happen? Why did the US get involved in Iraq? What happened to institutions that were/are “Too Big To Fail”? Why is it always recommended that you diversify your portfolios … Continue reading

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