keeping promises to myself

philosophical dilemmas

I once read a book called philosophical dilemmas and it meant a lot to me that I write about my opinions on all of it.

Eventually that seemed to be something that was never going to happen, but I wanted to keep my promise to myself- so I did a minimum version of it:

Does God Exist?
Do numbers exist? Do ideas exist? God is a name and an interpretation.

Is the soul immortal?
The heat death will claim us all.

Is faith an answer?
Faith is contentment with a lack of answers.

Is Society based on a contract?
Partially yes. But we’re also social creatures because of our biology. You could call that a contract if you like.

Is Liberty the highest social value? Is equality the highest social value?
Not sure if those are useful questions with useful answers. What are we trying to achieve here? I’d defer to the social group that we’re talking about. No point having an abstract POV.

Is capitalism just?
It might be the least just, except maybe when you consider a lot of the alternatives.

Should we establish a world government?
We should establish GOOD government wherever we can, and think bigger and bolder.

Is pleasure the only value?
In a sense, yeah.

Can we understand happiness?
We should try.

Is morality relative?
Duh. There are no absolute moral systems.

Is happiness the standard of morality?
Who cares? (I don’t.)

Is society the source of values?
Again, who gives a shit.

Are we always selfish?
Group/self-interest converge.

Are we free?
Within a limited space for now.

Are we responsible for our own actions?
This only matters to the degree that we decide to hold people accountable for it.

Is the mind nothing but the brain?
I’m guessing it’s also the rest of the nervous system, the spine, etc.

Can computers think?
In a sense, sure.

Can I create my identity?
Well, don’t you?

Can we know about the external world?
To a degree. Reality is that which doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it.

Does science give us real knowledge?
The realest we’ve got, at least.

Is experience the source of all knowledge?
Meh. It’s the foundation, i’d say.

Is certainty the standard of all knowledge?
That sounds like a sucker’s question. Usefulness is the standard of all knowledge, which requires operating in uncertainty.

Is truth subjective?
Depends on what sort of truth we’re talking about.