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Junior College sucked for me.

It occurs to me that there are quite a few JC students who read my blog. Someone linked to one my articles, writing “I wish my parents would read this.” Which makes me relize that there are some students in … Continue reading

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Why Singaporeans Don’t Feel That They Belong

IN THE midst of all the talk about creativity and vibrancy and buzz, his question came like a cry in the wilderness. Final-year aerospace engineering student Lim Zi Rui, 23, stood up during the Nanyang Technological University Ministerial Forum last … Continue reading

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TPJC’s 2009 Valedictorian’s speech

I haven’t asked Maddy’s permission to post this, though I’m sure she wouldn’t be too surprised or bothered. To the TPJC staff reading this, I really need to know- what is so wrong with speaking the truth, when it is not … Continue reading

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Junior college censors valedictorian’s speech

I was on Facebook earlier and I discovered something that didn’t come as much of a surprise, yet disappointed me deeply- my alma mater is apparently editing or requesting the editing of its valedictorian’s speech. I have had the honour … Continue reading

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Why JC students do NOT deserve priority over polytechnic students

I refer to Mr. Lee Beng Tat’s letter (‘JC students deserve priority‘).  The only people who should get priority when it comes to university admission are the individuals who have proven themselves to be deserving, regardless of whether they’re from … Continue reading

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