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0127 – not enjoying games

Still publishing old stuff. Nov 2013. Yesterday the wife went out, leaving me alone at home- which I thought would be a great opportunity to get a chunk of work done. Except I didn’t really. I actually downloaded an emulator … Continue reading

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0096 – identity creation and narratives

Monday morning, earlier than usual. (Deciding to add or two of context to every vomit so it’s easier for me to sort them out.) I’m still circling around the ideas of gamification and identity creation. In an article about Foucault, … Continue reading

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0095 – more on gamification, relationships

Okay- while my mind is clear and I have a bit of time, I want to re-approach the ideas of gamification and subjectivization (identity-creation). I anticipate that I will be doing this several times to clear my head. This is … Continue reading

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0092 – gamification, orteil, pacman

Been using Beeminder for a couple of days. Yesterday I did an extra set of pushups and felt more compelled to publish my evening word vomit so that I could punch in additional data points. I remember feeling this way … Continue reading

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W11D2: Acquiring and Filling New Meters

I’m noticing an increase in hits coming from people searching for information on students taking their A Levels as private candidates- some people want to know things like “Are private candidates’ papers marked separately” (I have no idea, but I’ll … Continue reading

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Schools should learn from video games.

Games evolve faster than school does. A lot of guys I knew growing up, myself included, preferred playing video games to going to school. We tend to see this as a failure on the part of the student- unable to … Continue reading

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Gamification: The Power of Chains and Combos

Chains and combos are strings of actions or events that flow smoothly from one into another. Once initiated (in fighting games), we’re looking at a series of attacks that cannot be interrupted. They are impressive to behold, because they typically … Continue reading

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