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0127 – not enjoying games

Still publishing old stuff. Nov 2013. Yesterday the wife went out, leaving me alone at home- which I thought would be a great opportunity to get a chunk of work done. Except I didn’t really. I actually downloaded an emulator … Continue reading

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W11D2: Acquiring and Filling New Meters

I’m noticing an increase in hits coming from people searching for information on students taking their A Levels as private candidates- some people want to know things like “Are private candidates’ papers marked separately” (I have no idea, but I’ll … Continue reading

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schools should learn from video games

A lot of guys I knew growing up, myself included, preferred playing video games to going to school. We tend to see this as a failure on the part of the student- unable to focus on what’s important (school), focusing … Continue reading

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Gamification: The Power of Chains and Combos

Chains and combos are strings of actions or events that flow smoothly from one into another. Once initiated (in fighting games), we’re looking at a series of attacks that cannot be interrupted. They are impressive to behold, because they typically … Continue reading

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Gamifying Education

It’s interesting to listen to what people talk about- girls talking about fashion, boys talking about sports and video games. The specific details are usually a complete mystery to anybody outside of that particular loop, and necessarily so. People have … Continue reading

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ranks and accomplishments in the military, video games, and everywhere else

Militaries are interesting. If I didn’t find so many other things interesting as well, I’d seriously consider a military career. That’s because militaries deal with lives in a direct and real way, so incredibly effective decision-making is a prerequisite. There … Continue reading

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