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0134 – the future (and ongoing) disruption of education

wrote this a while ago, on january 5th… not sure why I didn’t publish it Here’s something that bothers and confuses me: a lot of the thinking and discussion about the future of education is, in my opinion, overly fixated … Continue reading

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We have surpassed the future of the past.

Here’s a picture of a GTA 5 advertisement. I took the picture with my smartphone. I am writing this blogpost on my smartphone while waiting for my wife to show up before we watch a movie together. This picture struck … Continue reading

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RE: The future of education

Prediction: education will be disrupted from without before it is reformed from within. Bureaucracy and legacy will keep existing institutions from exploiting new distribution models fully. There are things that teachers can’t say or do. Their hands are tied for … Continue reading

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SS01: Defining ‘Education’

Education. We tend to think of it in a limited sense- go to an academic institution, acquire knowledge as if it were a commodity, develop certain skills that are demanded in the global marketplace, so you can get a job, … Continue reading

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Ray Kurzweil on the future of solar power

Ray Kurzweil: “One of my primary theses is that information technologies grow exponentially in capability and power and bandwidth and so on. If you buy an iPhone today, it’s twice as good as two years ago for half that cost. … Continue reading

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conversation about the future

I meant to write a long blog post but got distracted by a fun conversation on MSN, so I thought I’d share! Enjoy. Ayesha says: olaaa visaisahero. says: howdy Ayesha says: neeed alcohol visaisahero. says: hahaha why is that Ayesha … Continue reading

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thoughts- the future and uncertainty

I was on the bus a while ago and I watched a little girl- about 10 years old, maybe- bespectacled, diminutive, on the way home from school with her mother- handling an iPhone in her tiny hands with more deft … Continue reading

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