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0130 – two thirty am

(moar old stuff 2013) It’s 230am and I can’t seem to get to sleep so I figure that I might as well do a word vomit and get as much out of my head as possible. I didn’t really do … Continue reading

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0126 – deactivate / large number illiteracy

The following is a composite of 3 different notes I wrote in my Evernote that I never published, all around November 2013. I feel that they are worth reexamining, which is what I’m doing these vomits for. Deactivated Facebook again … Continue reading

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0105 – thoughts and observations on developing opinions. facebook and cigarettes

(old post- 31st august 2013) Haven’t written because I feel like I’m repeating myself and I have zero authority. None, not even to speak for myself. I think I was well and truly addicted to Facebook. I think it was … Continue reading

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00100 – cigarettes and facebook

Our vocabulary for addiction and personal change or development is so limited. It’s so simplistic and juvenile, and it’s somehow self-evident to me that if we improve the way we talk about these things, we improve the way we deal … Continue reading

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0062 – Facebook fatigue

There’s severely diminishing returns to time spent on Facebook and other social media. I don’t entirely understand the phenomenon but this is what I’ve observed: If I’ve set out to write a vomit, or anything else really, and I get … Continue reading

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How your Facebook profile creates you

I read something a while ago that I found endlessly fascinating, and I swore I’d write about it. You can check it out here:┬áNathan Jurgenson: The data self: A dialectic. Here’s the essential idea- you don’t just create your Profile, … Continue reading

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Hacking Serendipitous Conversations (and Facebook), Like An (Elitist) Boss

Originally title ‘Meditations On Staying Awake.’ (Amusingly, I’m translating this from ink to pixels at 3:28am in the morning.) When does one begin to develop poor sleeping habits? Babies sleep like, well, babies. Poor quantity and quality of sleep isn’t … Continue reading

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