Links useful to me when studying as a Private A Level Candidate

(This post is incomplete but I just gotta put it out there)

Once you’ve picked your subjects, I think the most important thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with the syllabus. You want to know the syllabus inside out. You want to know exactly what you’re tested on, what the examiners are looking for, how to please them.

So head over to the SEAB website and save all the syllabuses of the subjects you’re doing. Print them out and look through them carefully.

Getting passionate about stuff:

Neil Tyson, on Issac Newton (2 mins)

Richard Feynman, on the inconceivable nature of nature (5 mins)

To Understand is to Perceive Patterns, by Jason Silva (1:45)

H2 Mathematics

A Level Syllabus (from the SEAB website)

Calculus in 20 minutes, by Edward Burger. This guy is amazing. He’s incredibly passionate about his subject matter, he knows his stuff inside out, and he’s an incredible educator, too. Here’s him describing how to do mathematics (2 mins). I’ve been checking him out outside of Mathematics, and he’s a phenomenal voice that needs to be shared. I recommend this video even to people who don’t do Calculus.

Richard Delaware from UKMC has an amazing video series on pre-Calculus and Calculus. He helped me understand functions better than I ever did in school.

IntegralCalc – the tutor is really pretty!

Statistics and Calculus on Wikipedia. I find it easier, more interesting and compelling to learn something when you know about the history of it, as well as its importance and relevance to humanity.

Introductory Statistics – on YouTube. 8 Videos. Watch everything once to get a rough idea of the whole subject.

Mastering Mathematics Smartly, by Wee Wen Shih. This is the guy that writes the Ten Year Series books for Dyna Publisher.

H2 Economics


H2 Literature

The first thing I did was to read the Wikipedia pages of my respective texts- Hamlet, Wuthering Heights, The Importance of Being Earnest. I did this to get familiar with the plot. I then torrented the respective movies- Kenneth Branagh’s version of Hamlet. (I got a modern version of Wuthering Heights that was weird and hipster-ish.)

H2 English Language & Linguistics