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Why is there nothing in A Level Economics about commercial banks?

Here’s something I’ve been quite frustrated about. As I’ve revisited “A” Level Economics, I still understand next to nothing about commercial banks. I learnt a theoretical framework for how consumers make purchasing decisions. We learn about elasticity of demand- how … Continue reading

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Ministerial Pay 2012: The Neglected Truth About Incentives

There is powerful evidence that we have been completely wrong about the effectiveness of financial incentives and extrinsic motivation. Financial incentives often improve performance. But they can also lead to unethical behavior, fuel turnover and foster envy and discontent. Wharton … Continue reading

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the economics of ignorance

I was on the typology central forums today and I found an interesting question: Why do people love assumptions? First of all, I humbly suggest that the main reason why anybody makes any sort of assumption in any sort of … Continue reading

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fare hikes good, complaining bad

So taxi fares are up again, and it can get pretty damn painful to take a cab these days! The plus side is that taxis are everywhere now- every single taxi stand I’ve seen has at least a couple of … Continue reading

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