Thought I’d write about my thoughts about religion, and how my perspective on it has changed from my childhood to the presen

Parents, peers and other benevolent plagues

Originally posted on I’ve been reflecting on how people get into drinking and smoking and drugs. And by e

Beating yourself up is egotistic

When I was a kid, I was stuck in a very silly cycle. I’d get home from school every day and I’d avoid doing my homework fo

4 years together

Fun fact: Sharan Kaur and I got married 4 years ago today. It was kind of a secret. We did it over milkshakes and hotdogs at a

Transcending arguments

Roughly between ages 13 and 23 I was thoroughly convinced that best thing an intelligent person could do is to get obsessively

An Analysis of Power And Social Dynamics In ‘Mean Girls’

Theory: The movie has such enduring power and is quoted so much because it sheds some incredible light on real sociological ph

Moral Failing Fallacy

SELF-LOVE AND THE “MORAL FAILING” FALLACY: Here’s something that’s taken me a long time to be able to

One must imagine Sisyphus LOL-ing

Life, particularly in modern civilization, is an absurd circus. We’re all clowns living in boxes trying to amuse ourselves w


Disclaimer – I find these reads interesting. I don’t necessarily agree with them. #Bestof Remember – Wanderweird The

How to build and maintain communities

I used to run a community focused on intelligent conversation, and I made the naive mistake of NOT enforcing rules and censors