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0064 – making music/art sustainably in singapore

Alright I got a lot on my mind. (Overslept and am late for work argh). Two thoughts- how to make art sustainably and how to handle interpersonal friction in publicĀ  or private discourse. The latter is kinda more pressing but … Continue reading

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Compulsory seating for annoying aunties

I wasn’t going to bother talking about this, but then there’s this beautiful picture that needs to be shared, so I might as well discuss both the incident and the commentary all at once. The story is this- a girl … Continue reading

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LIM KOPI AH? Why so popular?

I like art. I don’t think I’m qualified to call myself an artist, and I suspect that most artists would prefer not to be called artists either. We’re just ordinary people who try to express ourselves, or ideas greater than … Continue reading

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The Path Of A Double Pendulum

Look at that. Isn’t that beautiful? Doesn’t it look chaotic, and yet strangely elegant? This is the path of a double pendulum. Small changes, such as changing the angle between the two pendulums when released, would generate a gratuitous amount … Continue reading

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Jonathan Diener, on the future of the music industry

I think obviously downloading and the easy access via torrents, etc. to get music and movies are hurting the sales. But with album sales down, technology is getting better and it seems more people are into music now with things … Continue reading

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