Singapore Skyline

I want to write a quick blogpost about the Singapore skyline. I’m not an architect, or architecture student, or even any sort of long-term observer or student or hobbyist-appreciator of buildings. I’m just a guy who lives in an island-city-state with some thoughts and observations about the place we live in.

1. General Post Office –> Fullerton Hotel

It used to be a fort, and then an ‘exchange building’, before it was redeveloped as The Fullerton Building, from 1924 to 1928. A Straits Times report on June 27, 1928 said that the building cost $4,750,000 – I’m guessing that’s before inflation? (Straits Times – 7 Things About The Fullerton Building)

There was a private club in the upper floors, designated for the ruling colonial elite. Yes – it was a private club housed in a public building funded by taxpayer dollars.

Fun fact: Fullerton was designed by the same folks who designed Capitol Building and SGH.

2. Mariamman Temple and Capital Tower

If you go to the wikipedia page for Mariamman temple, you’ll see this picture:

But here’s a much more interesting picture:

Read about my thoughts on this here: Mariamman Temple and Capital Tower

3. Old Parliament house turned into Arts House

This is one of my favorite things about Singapore. People now get married in it, and there are theater and drama performances in it, and it’s just really poignant.

4. Marina Bay Sands now Singapore’s most recognizable landmark

Because it’s so distinctive, and because it’s one of the most popular Instagram locations in the world.

5. NAC Bin Centre

This is, in my opinion, the best bin centre in the world. I just had to take a photo with my favorite $880,000 national monument.

“For too long, we have viewed bin centres as just a place to throw rubbish, while ignoring the aesthetics and the spiritual role that bin centres play in our civic and public life.” –

“This was not a simple bin centre to build.” –

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