Sense8 notes
I’ve been wanting to be more thoughtful about the media that I consume. I know that I want to make a living as a writer, and that I want to write and tell stories one way or another. And so it makes a lot of sense for me to write down my thoughts about what I watch, and consolidate them, examine them, re-examine them and so on. Every writer must have her favorite books, and know what she likes about them, and why.
Sense8 is by the Wachowski siblings. They previously made The Matrix, which was a massive hit and influenced culture in all sorts of interesting ways (today we still have The Red Pill). They also wrote V for Vendetta, and then Cloud Atlas (which they seem to think of as their magnum opus, the movie they hope they will be remembered for.)
It’s interesting to consider and examine the Wachowskis’ personal identities and histories, and their relationship with their work over time. The Matrix was in a way a sort of ‘coming out’ movie, about waking up to reality – a Plato’s Cave allegory. V for Vendetta is pretty similar. Both have all these interesting aspects and elements of authoritarianism and police states and oppression and whatnot.
After that, they made Cloud Atlas “everything is connected”, which seems to be maybe the tale they wanted to tell. I don’t know, I need to watch it to have an opinion on it. It looks like Cloud Atlas is a show that depicts relationships over time, while Sense8 is a show that that depicts synchronous relationships across space. Kind of like, portrait and landscape ways of graphing relationships.
It’s so cool that The Wachowskis have this continuing body of work – that they didn’t just make The Matrix and then quietly retire. I’m really thankful to them for that. It’s really nice to witness what they’ve come up with, and I’m really excited to see what they come up with next.
Anyway, Sense8 thoughts:
It’s interesting to me how blatantly tropey the characters are. Practically all of them have daddy issues one way or another. There’s a cop, an actor, a corporate heiress…
The show has some of my favorite moments in television – which is making me think that I must have some top 10 or so moments in TV and I should like to list them down.

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