Self-promotion isn’t intrinsically bad; it’s just usually bad because people walk in, post their shit and then disappear. Rules against self-promotion usually aren’t to keep out the self-promotion, but to keep out the shitty behavior typically associated with self-promotion. Think about the difference between the best AMAs and the worst ones – that’s where it’s at.

Ideally, a great post should be a win-win for both the promoter and the audience. There should be engagement, there should be a conversation, it should be more than transactional.

To learn more, check out my FREE ebook on self-promotion… lol nah jk. But I’m pretty passionate about this topic and love every opportunity to discuss it. I think reddit has a lot of knee-jerk critics who are against any semblance of self-promotion whatsoever, and I think it’s misguided

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