Sanjay’s Super Team

I’m thinking about Sanjay’s Super Team, and Ratatouille, and overcoming ‘villains’. Overcoming cynicism. I was a very optimistic kid and that I think that changed quite dramatically when I took on a mortgage.
What I found interesting about SST is that it’s about a young, modern Indian boy finding a way to bridge the gap between himself as a globalized, 3rd/0th culture kid and his father, who has a traditional, religious point of view.
And what’s interesting is to get meta about it and see how this piece of art, fiction, film – helps to bridge that gap in real life, between Sanjay and his dad, millions of Sanjays and dads. And so it becomes clear that art has utility. Art can mend relationships, or at least shed some light, help people understand one another better, empathize better.
What sort of dollar value do we put on that? What sort of dollar value SHOULD we put on that?

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