I’m listening to the Rocky soundtrack and getting quite emotional. Recently watched movies 1 through 6 in anticipation of Creed. I really enjoyed and appreciated them, imperfections and all. Yeah, 5 wasn’t great, but it fits within the broader narrative.

The movie is all about heart and will. I like that Rocky isn’t the smartest man around and you love him anyway. Because he tries, he really tries. His mistakes are typically sins of omission or ignorance, and you can’t fault him for it, for trying. His relationship with his wife is a beautiful partnership and he loses her to cancer. He loves his son but they don’t have a great relationship despite his best efforts- and sometimes it just works out that way.

I’m wondering what else has inspired me over the years with such sticky, memorable visuals and audio. How to train your dragon is another.


thoughts about rocky

  • heart
  • paulie is such a cunt
  • people were/are such kids
  • rocky was kinda rapey early on but maybe those were the times / he turned out to be a gentleman
  • rocky/adrian were very egalitarian?
  • lol at the robot
  • rocky gets lonelier and lonelier– mickey, apollo, adrian, paulie
  • sometimes it’s hard to breathe / it wasn’t supposed to be this hard


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