Rick and Morty

I was late-ish to Rick and Morty. Some of my friends liked it, and talked about it in ways that made me think I would like it too. So I gave the first episode a shot and… I didn’t really like it. I appreciated some of it, but I couldn’t stand the voice acting – the constant belching and the “uhhs” that were really grating. So I stopped there. Took me months before I ended up watching S01E02, and after that I blazed through the rest of the 2 available seasons. Then I watched all of Season 3 as it came out.

I like it. I could even say that it’s one of my favorite shows. I’m hesitant to say that, because so much of the fanbase is so toxic, or perceived to be so toxic. But I like what it does. Here are some comments I left on a friend’s wall when they asked about it:

“I like how Jerry and Beth’s relationship plays out and how they develop

Also a lot of the minor characters have a surprising amount of depth and nuance, and common tropes are introduced then dealt with quite intelligently (imho). It gets very self-aware

I think my fav episode might be the one where beth and Jerry go for couples therapy. Really smart way of getting into theory of mind and how it plays out in relationships. Also the one where beth is forced to confront how she both loves and hates her dad, and how in her own way she’s just like him”

I like the way the show asks and deals with philosophical questions – it doesn’t try to be overly dramatic about them, but rather there’s a sort of casual-ness to it that makes it extra poignant for me.

I wouldn’t force someone to watch it if they weren’t interested. But I like it.

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