I maintain lists of reviews of books, movies, TV shows, products I’d refer to others, and feature requests.


  • mass effect
  • formic wars
  • Ogilvy’s confessions
  • Bradbury’s Zen
  • Impulse
  • Overview Effect
  • We Stopped Dreaming
  • Everything is a remix
  • Notes from Underground
  •  Tipping Point
  •  Death and Life of Great American Cities
  •  Evolution of Co-operation
  •  The Myth Of Self-Esteem
  • thoughts about miyazaki
  • thoughts about office space
  • thoughts about lord of war
  • thoughts about sorkin
  • high output management
  • alex ferguson
  • doors of perception
  • game of thrones
  • bojack horseman
    • the last psychologist
    • notes from underground
    • games people play
  • silicon valley
  • rocky movies
  • ender’s game


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Movie Reviews

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