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  • Everything Is A Remix (Full Video) [30 mins+] A fairly straightforward video about a simple idea that runs through everything. I think it has profound implications.
  • Alan Watts – Mind over Mind / Why the urge to improve yourself? [51:49] “The reason you want to be better is the reason why you’re not.”
  • The Overview Effect [19 mins] This is what astronauts experience when they look at the Earth from space. A profound, gut-realization that Earth is incredibly precious, and that everything is interconnected.
  • Coming to our senses [57:20], a lecture by Jon Kabat-Zinn. If you have lots of things to do and you’re lost and confused, this will clear everything up. The hour it takes is well worth the increased clarity and productivity and joy you’ll have afterwards.
  • How The Economic Machine Works [30:59] Ray Dalio
  • every frame a painting – great youtube channel that does analysis of good filmmaking.
  • crash course – entertaining and compelling entry-points into science, history, literature and other forms of learning.
  • nerdwriter – youtube channel exploring ideas.
  • CaspianReport, which is full of compelling geopolitical history lessons. The guy making these videos is clearly passionate about what he’s doing, and he clearly knows his stuff, too. Better than any history lessons we’ve had.
  • Charisma on Command – breakdowns on what makes people likeable


I use Trello, Workflowy, Evernote, Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Gmail.

Colourcode is a cool color tool.

Here’s a bunch of stuff I refer people to.


  • betterexplained – intuition and insight-driven math lessons that focus on understanding concepts.

Quora: Do grad students remember everything they were taught in college all the time

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