1. Everything about reality is arbitrarily configured, and can be reconfigured. Your life does not have to be an ugly mess.
  2. You can change your entire life in an instant if you wanted to. You might not currently have the power to make DRAMATIC changes, but even just deciding that you’re going to change something makes a difference.
  3. Everything is a strange loop. I’m seeing you seeing me seeing you. We’re thinking about thinking.
  4. Life is one big long lazy afternoon. We’re all just walking each other home. You know that scene near the end of Toy Story 3? That’s actually our reality. Hold hands.
  5. Our problems are petty and trivial in the grand scheme of things and we can choose not to identify by them.
  6. There is a lot of power inside the human body and mind, we just aren’t tapped into it most of the time, maybe because of the drudgery of everyday life.
  7. Love and laughter are the only good responses to an indifferent universe.
  8. You don’t need to be guilty, ashamed, resentful, sorry.
  9. You don’t need to be tense, afraid, overwhelmed, confused.
  10. Existence is magnificent and wonderous and beautiful– sometimes ugly and horrific and chaotic, but either way it isn’t mundane and boring.
  11. Be around people you love and love them.
  12. This moment is the only moment and it is precious.
  13. You have to destroy your old self in order to become who you are, or who you’re supposed to be.
  14. You are a pattern in space-time, a sort of cosmic dance, a waveform. Just like rainbows are and mountains are, just vibrating at different frequencies/wavelengths. You’re IT.
  15. It’s so amazing and beautiful that millions of people get on YouTube to teach other people how to do things – how to unclog a toilet, how to play guitar. We have love to share.
  16. Your parents and teachers and all the people who raised you may have tried their best, or they may not, but either way you would have almost definitely had some sort of suboptimal experience. this is okay.
  17. “It’s nobody’s fault and nobody’s to blame”. (I don’t mean to use this to excuse bad behavior– for human systems to function, people have to be held accountable for their actions. But why do people act in suboptimal ways? Why are they scared, weak, ignorant, etc? They inherited a shitty hand in life themselves. Hate the sin, not the sinner.)
  18. We can do better. We can love more whole-heartedly. We can be kinder and more compassionate.
  19. Everything is a massive fractal of possibilities and perspectives.
  20. Love. LOVE. Love. Love. Love.
  21. There is grace and beauty in little things.
  22. A lot of the things– maybe ALL things– that we feel obliged to live up to– are really just wispy assumptions that we ought to examine more closely.
  23. We don’t need a lot of the things that we obsess about.
  24. We all want to be loved, even as we express that in different ways.

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