PowerPac PPMSF40 16″ Classic Stand Fan Review

We had two fans in the house– one by Mistral, and some other tiny thing. Anyway, it didn’t feel enough, so I decided to get another fan. We were walking around Northpoint Shopping Center when we saw a bunch of fans for sale on discount. I bought this:


I liked it so much that I bought another one for our bedroom. I like how it looks– it’s very elegant, minimalist, and surprisingly light. It’s got a brassy sheen to it.

The wife has a couple of issues with it, but we’re not sure if it’s because I overtightened something or…

Anyway, I really like this fan and I recommend it. It cost us $69, and you can buy it here.

Will update with more details later. Maybe.

As a commenter pointed out – it can’t be tilted upwards or downwards. You’ll have to adjust the height instead. I don’t mind this, but perhaps you might.

2 thoughts on “PowerPac PPMSF40 16″ Classic Stand Fan Review

  1. Roland

    Hi, I just bought from Giant yesterday. Like it but I can’t tilt the fan up or down. It can oscillate but not tilt.
    Is this normal?

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