A Perfect Day

Inspired by a Ben Greenfield blogpost: If there were no limitations or consequences, what would your average perfect day look like?

Waking naturally from a full night’s sleep. No alarms, no rush. Rising naturally with the sun, or slightly before. Early, when the world is still cold and asleep.

Exercise. Not for ‘fitness’ but for the pleasure of moving the body, for the joy of sweating, inhaling and exhaling, of feeling the heart beating.

Self-care. Maybe a massage, maybe a foot scrub, maybe a haircut, maybe a shave. Maybe just clipping my fingernails. Something that makes me feel good about myself.

Reading. I would read at least a chapter of a book that moved me. If I didn’t enjoy it, I would switch to something else that I did.

Writing. Not for any particular objective, but for the meditative feeling of expelling thoughts from the mind, through the fingers.

Preparing a good meal. An intimate relationship with food.

A nice view. This could be coupled with any of the other activities – reading, exercise, whatever. It’s unpleasant to remain in the same spot over and over again.

Music. A bit of time spent noodling with a guitar, maybe learning a new chord or some concept that I’m not quite familiar with.

Friends. Good conversation, laughs, confessions, honesty, vulnerability, sincerity, opening up. Maybe drinks in the evening.

Intimacy. Time spent alone with the wife, fully conscious and aware of each other, not distracted or busy. Doesn’t actually need to be sexual; it could just be a walk, or lunch together, something.

Solitude. Time spent entirely by myself, with myself. No phones, no music, nothing. Just breathing, being. Reflecting.

Something random. Something unscripted that I didn’t plan for.

Something productive. Something that I did plan for, some step towards some goal that I had set for myself earlier. Something to develop discipline.

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