• The Recreational Public Outrage Machine
  • What Adults Would Tell You About Adulthood (If They Weren’t So Goddamn Tired)
  • Coping With Everyday Bullshit
  • Pursuing New Friendships In Adulthood
  • Stuff We Don’t Talk About (That I Kinda Wish We Did)
  • After A While People Aren’t That Interesting
  • We’re All Connected, Okay Then What
  • We Tolerate Really Low Standards For Some Reason
  • Game Of Priorities

Consider writing as satire


HDB, CPF, Parliament, stat boards, childhood nostalgia [1]

Love story using SG landmarks – Esplanade, MRT,

Being young and married in SG (followup to HDB?)

What should SG’s top priority be? [1]

Interesting things about SG history

  • Pre-1819
  • Trading Post vs Crown Colony
  • East India Company
  • Sook Ching
  • Straits Chinese vs Mainland Chinese (also history of other ethnic groups? armenians and jews in SG?)

SG Govt / Elections Q&A [1, 2]

Status indicators in SG [1, 2]

Every Singaporean novel [1]

Racism in SG [1, 2]

How to educate yourself in Singapore

Censorship – banning SVFV, To SG with love, what else? History of censorship in SG? What is it for? Who is it for, exactly? What is the future of it? How do we do it better? Some tweets: censorship should inspire art

Ya Kun Authenticity

Shaw Brothers – startup story

History of Singapore Tech

Singapore automation / productivity [1] – mention the LKY quote about economic digits.

The boy who wouldn’t behave. A post about the phenomenon of Amos Yee. [1]

Singlish. [1, 2]

How to write about social/political issues. The main thing that used to get me writing was anger or frustration. A Minister would be quoted saying something that seemed stupid to me, and I would take to my keyboard in anger. How could this person who’s being paid so much more money than me, being given so much more responsibility than me, be so obtuse? But with the benefit of hindsight I have to discourage that sort of approach. I think the anger is legitimate, and you should write angrily, but you shouldn’t publish just yet. You should edit with a cool head. – avoid name-calling, avoid defamation, ask questions, be curious, not angry, keep it as simple as you can

Review LKY memoirs Tweets here:

Read and review OB markers

Go through parliament/election doc

What’s the Singaporean dating scene like? There’s probably not one single scene, but many different scenes, fragmented primarily along socioeconomic lines. The very rich do not date the very poor. And then there are some interesting complexities like ethnicity. I find all of this very interesting because so few people are willing to talk about it. I like talking about things that people don’t like talking about. Are Singaporean men bad at dating? If so, why? Reference Charisma on Command, Poached, reddit, etc. Entitlement – see Poached (SG guys are losers, still losers, Don Juans of NTU, loser pigs)

LKY – [1, 2]

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