• My parents had really good intentions. They wanted me to “do well in school so that I would do well in life.” Fairly straightforward thinking, a simple model that worked very well for a lot of people. Their reasoning was- we’ll take care of everything for you, your only job is to study. Very noble of them. They paid for everything I wanted, they gave me everything I wanted.
  • I think this didn’t work very well for me. I never learned to be responsible. I never learned to swim, or ride a bicycle. I never had to make my bed, so I never did. I never learned to cook. I spent all my younger days reading, and I spent all my adolescence playing video games, watching anime or surfing the Internet. My parents (and our domestic helper) cleaned up after me. I would eat McDonalds after school every day when I was in secondary school. I was intimidated by the slightest bit of food preparation. The kitchen was a mysterious, scary no-go zone. If I start a family of my own, meal-time would be a very involved thing. Everyone would cook and prepare meals together, if possible. At least once in a while.
  • I’m not sure how broadly I can talk about this, but I feel like a lot of parents become parents without thinking very hard about it. Perhaps many children are accidents.

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