Modern Capitalism

This post is a work in progress about how we seem to distract ourselves from the realities of modern capitalism. Sort of, ‘bread and circuses’ corollary for the workplace.

Read: Dan Lyon’s Disrupted. Ignore the parts about Kids These Days being all hip and scene and with it, and focus on the relationship between labor and capital. For instance, how the outbound sales team had high quotas that were nearly impossible to reach, and how they’d typically quit or get fired before they could get their bonuses? I think. Need to re-read to clarify.

Question: How much are corporations supposed to spend on charity? What is an appropriate amount of donation for a millionaire founder-CEO? Multi-millionaire? I’m still a wage-rat paying off his 30-year housing loan – how much of my salary should I be donating to charity? In order to make a difference? In order to feel good about myself? Etc.

Read: Entrepreneurs are the new labor.


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