Minority Report (2002)

I first watched Minority Report in the cinema with my brother, when it first came out. It must’ve been 2002 then. I remember the scary and uncomfortable bits, and I couldn’t fully appreciate the nuances of the premise.

Rewatched it again. Interesting to see it again now that we have smartphones, cloud storage, personalized marketing and so on. It seems safe to say that we’ll almost definitely surpass the technology in the show in the 37 years it’ll take to get us there, assuming we don’t blow up the planet first.

One thing I did find myself thinking and annoyed by was how often Tom Cruise’s character – John – was shouting and yelling at people. “What do you mean!”, etc. Bitch, she meant what she said.

On retrospect, the movie could also have done more to explore the questions it was asking. For example, do the ends justify the means when violent crime is reduced? It would be interesting to have seen more of an argument, more back and forth.

But all in all, good film, worth watching.

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