Millbergert Swivel Chair

I bought this chair from IKEA maybe a couple of years ago, and I regret it. I thought it would be a cool, simple, cheap-ish chair that would give me an “office” vibe in my study, but it doesn’t really.

It also comes in white, which looks a lot cooler than black, but I choose black instead because I imagined that the white would get discolored over time.

Anyway I don’t really like this chair and I don’t recommend it. Maybe it might be alright if you’re in a permanently airconditioned environment, but it gets uncomfortable if your skin comes into contact with it.

Also, it flakes quite easily. It comes off and then you have to vacuum it up. Maybe there’s some sort of treatment I should have given it, some sort of protective oil or something. Either way, I’m going to get a new chair.

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