Link Roundup 001

Here are a list of good links I’ve encountered in the past few weeks:


Vimeo The Lion City II – Majulah [04:42] – a beautiful video of the Singapore cityscape.

Straits Times: Singapore has picked the wrong target in its balance of powers strategy: Global Times commentary – An interesting opinion piece about the future of Singapore’s foreign policy amidst big picture changes – what will happen to us as China becomes more influential in the region? I’m not sure if the author is correct, but it’s worth thinking and talking about.

IPS-Nathan Lectures: Dealing with An Ambiguous World: Can Singapore Cope? A comprehensive lecture by Bilahari Kausikan, talking about the historical and global contexts that Singapore is a part of, and the challenges we’re going to face as a Nation-State moving forward. There are some interesting hints and insights in here– particularly about how other countries think about Singapore. Police seize computers, phones of individuals implicated in alleged cooling-off day breaches – I’m not an expert, but there’s something about this that bothers me. I don’t feel it’s right for the Police to do what they’re doing here; it seems like it’s meant to have a chilling effect.

/r/singapore – A Rant on National Service from an NSF – some good stories from an NSF in the Singapore Civil Defence Force, talking about the difficult life-and-death cases they have to deal with.

Cafe Hopping: Four Weekends With My Mother-in-law – a blogpost by Jayne, who used to work in the office next to mine. I love how sincerely and passionately Jayne loves food, and almost anything she writes about it is just delicious to read. Enjoy.

I’m not sharing anything about Singlish because I think it’s not a big deal, and I’m not sharing anything about the Internet restrictions in the Civil Service because… I don’t know what’s going on there.

ReferralCandy: How We Manage – my team has put together a document about our management principles. It’s loosely influenced in parts by Ray Dalio’s Principles and Andy Grove’s High Output Management. We’re proud of it, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


PBS News Hour: Obama answers a question about gun control. Obama is really good at what he does, and it’s worth paying attention to how he handles it. Also watch Charisma On Command’s video 5 Steps To Influence Like Obama. Also, Obama gave a speech in Hiroshima, which I thought was really thoughtful and articulate.

Bill Maher – The American Embargo [04:35] An entertaining video from Bill Maher about the frustrations of trying to change outdated systems incrementally.

“I know from personal experience that it is common practice for TV anchors to have substantial bonuses written into their contracts if they hit ratings marks. With this 2016 presidential soap opera, they are almost surely hitting those marks. So, we get all Trump, all the time.”


Medium: Find a Better Way – a really moving, rousing commencement speech by Jeff Huber, a Googler who lost his wife to cancer. Also read: A Protocol for Dying

NYT: Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person – a post by Alain de Botton, who has a history of writing really good pieces about taking a broader, more compassionate perspective on things. I think his point is that there are a lot of overwhelming expectations

Breaking Smart Newsletter: Ambiguity vs Uncertainty – I’ve always liked thinking about how creative work feels different in different contexts and under different constraints. Venkat really explores this well with his classic 2×2 graphs, distinguishing between ambiguity (do I know what I’m looking at?) and uncertainty (is there a clear answer?). Play happens when things are the right amount of ambiguous and the right amount of uncertain. Too much or too little of either and it gets boring, frustrating, etc.

Youtube: SpaceX – First-stage landing onboard camera of the Falcon 9 during the THAICOM 8 Mission [0:30] Watch magic happen.

Facebook – Dan Majesky talks about his and his wife’s experiences with miscarriage and trying to conceive. Heartfelt. Honest. Really good read. Makes me want to share more of myself with others, if and when it can be of service.

BBC: China bans ‘erotic’ banana-eating live streams I found this piece of news really entertaining. Basically young girls are eating bananas erotically for horny men to jerk off to, and presumably they must be getting good money for it.

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